Coming Soon – Yoga Podcasts!

Berkshire Yoga Center

We are soooo excited about our location at the newly-renovated Norad Mill building in North Adams. The folks running it are amazing, and incredibly helpful to the many out-of-state businesses relocating there, and one of the best parts about it was the chance to have a customized build-out of the space that allowed me to partition off a little office where I’ve set up a little podcast studio, from which we’ll soon be dropping some yoga podcasts we hope you’ll check out.

The BYC Podcast Studio

I’ve been doing internet broadcasting and podcasting for over 15 years now, starting with a weekly live political talk show that won several awards, ran for eight years, and gave me the chance to interview authors, journalists, politicians, diplomats and more.

More recently a buddy and I realized that if you just put a mic in front of us when we were discussing some specific TV shows, you’d have a podcast (which I’m sure is how many, many podcasts start!). So we did, and for last couple of years we’ve ranted, raved, reviewed, predicted, and just generally fanboy’d out over our favorite shows at (the extremely R-rated) EndGame Podcasts. We didn’t know or really care too much if people listened, we were doing it more for ourselves, but people did listen and now we get emails from South America and Europe!

Now I’m thrilled to be repeating the process with another dear friend and my yoga teacher for the last…uh.. 12(?) years, the wise and wonderful Kelly Fisher, owner of Wildflower Yoga. Since I just moved 600 miles away we were looking for ways to stay in touch and connected in our yoga discussions, teaching methods, travels, etc. And once again, a podcast was the answer!

So stay tuned and watch this space, as they say, for the debut episode of our new podcast Chitta Chat (it’s a yoga joke, we’ll explain it on the pod!). We’ll be talking about all things yoga, and since yoga encompasses everything, there’s really no way of knowing where things will lead. But there will definitely be music, philosophy, food, Sanskrit, poses, breathing, and more food.

I’ll be posting each episode here on the BYC Blog on as regular a basis as we can manage. We hope you’ll give it a listen!