Our Practice

Berkshire Yoga Center recognizes that there are many different types and styles of yoga transmitted through different lineages, schools and paths. Yoga is not a “one size fits all” practice, and our goal is to offer classes for yogis of all skill levels and experience that reflect this broad range of styles while staying true to the foundational principles that make yoga such an effective and impactful practice. We also seek to honor and bring forth the ancient traditions of the practice while interpreting and presenting them in a way that is relevant to modern practitioners and the increasingly crazy world in which we find ourselves today.

While each style of yoga is different and every teacher offers their classes in their own unique way, here are some of the things you’ll find running through all our classes:

Our Philosophy

Our classes are based on the ancient traditions of the Tantra, which views the entire cosmos as a playful and ever-evolving  embodiment of a single Supreme Consciousness, and our yoga practice as an opportunity to more deeply engage in that playful and joyous creation.  Unlike some traditions that view the body as an impediment to be overcome, we view this embodied existence as a gift – the vehicle for our growth and enlightenment.

Alignment is enlightenment

Proper alignment of the body helps keep you safe during class and is also vital for accessing the deeper, more profound benefits of the practice. That’s why all our classes emphasize an awareness of the body that supports good pysical and energetic alignment.

You'll Hear Sanksrit in Class

Sanskrit is the language of yoga in the same way Latin is the language of botany and biology. But Sanskrit is yoga in many ways, and the language is often referred to as “yoga for the mouth” because of its complex phonetics. By using Sanskrit terms and pose names in class, along with their English translations, we stay true to this ancient practice and honor the long traditions of sound and language that are integral parts of yoga.

it's not how far you go...

… it’s how you go far, and our teachers are dedicated to helping you take your practice as far as you desire with supportive and fun classes, individual attention, a variety of props and hands-on adjustments, if desired.

The poses are just the beginning

There’s no doubt yoga is a great physical workout, but the poses we do in class are just the tip of the iceberg! Our classes and workshops can introduce you to the other facets of yoga, including meditation, philosophy and more.