Our Story

The idea that would become the Berkshire Yoga Center came after my wife and I realized we would have to relocate from Washington, DC in order to help my mom out after my dad passed away. We’d made the 12-hour drive to the very top of Vermont dozens of times during his illness, and it just wasn’t something we wanted to repeat as my mom began to face her own health challenges. But teaching yoga isn’t particularly telecommute-friendly, so after having taught for almost eight years at gyms, colleges and studios across the DC area, I had the crazy thought, “Well, what if I open my own studio?”

To my utter surprise and delight, the universe seemed to like the idea. After setting that intention we soon found the perfect home to relocate to. Some dear friends of ours had introduced us to the awesome and up-and-coming town of North Adams, Massachusetts, and we found the perfect home for the studio there at the Norad Mill. And on and on it went -from the big things to the small details, everything just fell into place. So, I made the jump, invested my savings, took the risk of opening a studio in a totally new location and now here we are!

Berkshire Yoga Studio isn’t about me, though – it’s about community, service, giving back, and remembering where, and why, we started. That’s why our boutique offers fair trade, handmade jewelry and clothing from India, sourced from sustainable vendors, in order to create hope for these artisans through economic empowerment. It’s why we offer donation-based classes with proceeds going right into our Seva Fund: the charities we support include the Berkshire Humane Society and Second Chance Animal Shelter, Ramana’s Garden children’s refuge in Rishikesh, India, Parmarth Niketan Ashram, and — in memory of my father — the Alzheimer’s Association, the largest nonprofit funder of Alzheimer’s research in the world. And it’s why, as a yoga studio, BYC offers classes that are truly offerings from the heart – caring, compassionate, and student-focused with the goal of empowering students with the tools to achieve the balance, well-being, and spiritual expression they seek in their lives. We bring a playful, adventurous twist to our classes, while remaining grounded in a strong, serious practice of all facets of yoga.

So, this is our story. This is where we come from and why we are here now, and we would love for you to be part of the adventure. Come, roll out your mat, join our community, and let’s make some great yoga together!